Saturday, 1 June 2013

My Own Captions. Examples of Fantasies.

Ordered by newest to oldest.


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  1. Hi wxh,

    I think it is a shame that you do not seem to be continuing with this blog. I expect a lot of people who've read your comments elsewhere have checked it out, only to see a collection of captions posted in June.

    I wonder why you are not keen to write here when you are so prolific on other sites? Do you like putting down others' opinions rather than presenting your own in a less combative context?

    You have a right to publish your opinion of what Jack and others write, but you do not have a right to use their blog-space to publish these opinions, if they do not wish it. You could even do a running commentary on Jack's blog here, with links, although I would prefer a less reactive approach.

    Deborah xx

    1. Hey Debs!

      I'm happy that I've put out the representative model and some of my captions for others to enjoy, as well as to stand as examples of the model. I have been meaning to complete a post which would cover most of the discussion in other sites. Mainly regarding the relationship between the fetish and psychological potentials such as dysphoria. The philosophical aspect of discussion is always enjoyable, yet I haven't had as much drive to do the same here in posts.

      For all Jack's good will toward's dysphoric people, it is his hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty that he doesn't deserve the respect you give him. And whilst "crossdreamers" remains a "nicer" term than AGP, both should be rejected on intellectual grounds.