Friday, 19 April 2013

Manipulation In The "Crossdream" Discourse

Most readers will already know that Jack Molay's "crossdreaming" discourse is not really about understanding the condition per se, but more of an ideological desire to justify the emotionally invested notion of an underlying transsexual identity beyond sexuality, which is often perceived on part of the dysphoric minority of autogynephiliacs. At the top of the crossdreamers blog is a caption stating the "imperative" nature of the desire for autogynephiliacs to understand their experience, whilst also presupposing the site as "a place where they can explore their "inner woman" or their inner man". From the get-go it is clear, an understanding in so far that it suits Molay's politics.

In a recent discussion in the Crossdreamers Blog comments section I compulsively queried as I like to do, and this was up to a certain point and a certain kind of questioning, when posts began getting deleted by Mr Molay. You see that for Mr Molay, his "crossdream" discourse relies on a simple projected antagonism, where one is either a transsexual or pervert. Thus any perceived threat or complication of transsexual self-identification will be defended or attacked (deleting posts, bannings) through that very dualism. If he can not argue his case or subsume a claim, then he will suppress by justification of "disrespect". For example, 

"it is obvious that in the production of AGP itself, that any biological component is adjunct, but a dysphoric AGP ideologically desires an account necessitating a biological component which they see (unnecessarily) as legitimating their identity. The logic goes that if not biologically grounded, than it is directly sexually grounded. No it is not that simple. Sexuality can historically root the conditions of legitimate transgender self-identification."
Jack Molay
"Every discussion becomes dominated by you repeatedly insulting transwomen by reducing them to sexualized fetishists. This will never be an arena for the belittling and persecution of trans people. Anyone deliberately and consciously contributing to the stigmatization of trans people will be banned." 
(deleted) "Again, the terms of disrespect for you is in not agreeing with your account for dysphoria in AGPs. I see that trans identification in AGPs can be fully legitimate, it is just the case that your account is simplistic and ideological. Are you going to continuously repeat your manipulative mantra or are you going to address what is actually being proposed?"
Jack Molay
"You seem incapable of understanding the effects your action has on others, being that transsexuals or people like me. Alternatively, you do actually understand the effects of what you are doing, but do not give a damn, either because you think being human is to reduce interaction to a rational discourse devoid of feelings, or you are actually deliberately trying to hurt me and others like me."

(deleted) "So, we agree on the legitimacy of AGP transgender identification, yet not on the genesis of that identification.

Other than the audacity to disagree with you, the "disrespect" you attribute on my part is regarding the proposal that AGP transgender identification is necessarily illegitimate. A proposal I do not make.

The condition of this suppression is your inability to defend your position and address what is actually being proposed. Whereas the front you present to justify the suppression is that very manipulated attribution of "disrespect"."

It reminds me of the current Korean situation, where Kim Jong Un is renewing tensions with South Korea in a bid to legitimize his newly acquired power within his family's system. Parallel to this, Molay uses the transsexual/pervert antagonism to browbeat any opposition and to avoid addressing the actual and more complicated dynamics at work.

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